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Kirkwood Ski & Snowboard Rental

Kirkwood is known for its advanced runs and amazing natural features. Kirkwood Ski & Snowboard Rental Delivery by Powder House has the best ski & snowboard rental equipment to handle this mountain from powder skis, race skis and snowboards. we've got it all and the best quality rental equipment you will find at Kirkwood Resort. We know that proper care and tuning is what keeps our rental equipment the best in Lake Tahoe. Don't worry about driving into town to a ski rental shop, our technicians will bring the ski & snowboard equipment right to your accommodations so you get more time on your vacation and on the mountain.

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Kirkwood Mountain Resort

Kirkwood Lake TahoeAbout 35 miles from South Lake Tahoe lies Kirkwood Mountain Resort. It may be remote, but in this solitary horseshoe canyon, climate and geography conspire to create one of the purest, most authentic, big-mountain ski experiences in North America. Kirkwood is the mountain for those adventure seekers who prefer their snow deep and their terrain steep.

Home to the Freeride World Tour, the resort features some of the country's most diverse and challenging in bounds terrain. From wide-open bowls to tight chutes...Kirkwood offers 2300 acres of mountain that will challenge skiers and riders. If you're craving abundant, magical snow, this is where you'll find that rare blend of quantity and quality. Averaging more than 600 inches per year, it comes down lighter and drier and piles up much deeper at Kirkwood than anywhere else in the region.

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