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How close are you to Heavenly ski resort?

Powder House has seven centrally located shops, all of which are within walking distance of the Heavenly Gondola, CA base lodge and the casinos.

What ski areas are around Lake Tahoe?

There are over 20 ski areas around the lake. The big six are Heavenly, Squaw, Kirkwood, Northstar, Sierra-at-Tahoe, and Alpine Meadows. While Heavenly, Kirkwood, and Sierra-at-Tahoe are closer to the South Shore, Squaw, Alpine, and Northstar dominate the North side of the lake.

How long does it take to drive to the North Shore resorts?

Given normal winter driving conditions, it usually takes about one hour and twenty minutes to drive to any of the North Shore resorts. The Tahoe Queen (big 400 passenger boat) also has daily departures to the North Shore with bus connections to Alpine and Squaw. This is an entire day's trip, (depart approx. 7:00am and return approx. 7:00pm) but certainly a unique excursion.

Is there public transportation to all the ski areas in Lake Tahoe?

Each of the big six resorts have bus transportation that departs from central South Lake Tahoe locations and hotels.

What is the winter weather like in Lake Tahoe?

Winter weather changes dramatically in a short period of time. Generally speaking, our weather is much milder than Utah, the Rockies, or the eastern ski resorts. The California Sierra Nevada Mountains are noted for huge amounts of snow fall accompanied by clear blue skies and reasonably mild temperatures (not frigid cold). Of course, one must remember that weather is unpredictable and anything can happen.

Does Powder House carry shaped (parabolic) skis?

Yes, we have a huge selection of shaped skis. We have picked out models that will match and benefit skiers at every ability level. Powder House's demo ski inventory consists of 80% new equipment each year. This assures you that you will receive quality, well maintained gear upon your visit.

Do you carry snowboards?

Yes, our snowboard fleet consists of premium equipment from Burton, Rossignol, Palmer, Head, K2, and others. We carry both step-in and strap-in bindings.

Does it take very long to rent equipment?

Usually not, especially if you pre-purchase your equipment using our online reservations system. Customers who reserve their equipment online also receive the added benefit of a 20% discount!

I don't know how many days I'm going to ski/board. How do you charge for your rentals?

Powder House knows there are a lot of variables that influence how many days a person skis. Therefore, we will not collect payment from you until you have completed your ski vacation. You are only charged for the type of package you rented and for the number of days you had the equipment out. In addition, every 4th consecutive rental day is FREE!

I'm arriving in Reno, how long does it take to get to South Lake Tahoe?

If you are renting a car, drive time is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. Upon leaving the airport, take US 395 South towards Carson City, go through Carson City and turn right onto US 50 to South Lake Tahoe.

I'll be arriving in the afternoon, can I get my rentals the night before?

Certainly, Powder House's main shop, located at 4045 Lake Tahoe Blvd, is open until 10pm every day. All other locations are open until 10:00 during peak season. There is no additional charge for renting the night before (between 2 pm- midnight).

I have skied a few times each year for a few years, are those new shaped (parabolic skis) worth trying?

You bet, these skis have been designed to help you progress and perfect a carving turn versus a sliding turn. When a skier begins to feel a carving turn their level of confidence improves and the control and sensation that goes along with this technique is exhilarating. Beginners to experts enjoy shaped skis.

What are your prices for rental equipment?

Because of the variety of packages and individual items we offer, we can best answer this question by referring you to the rates section of this website. Please double click the rates tab at the top of our home page for more information. Rates listed here do not already include the 20% online booking discount. We are aware that each individual's preferences and number of days on the mountain differ, so if your question is not answered on the site, please contact us at 530.541.7470 for a personalized quote.

Can I combine the 20% discount with any other offers/coupons?

Your 20% discount is exclusively for those who reserve their equipment online and cannot be combined with any other offers to amount to a percentage greater than 20% off.

Does the 20% online booking discount apply during the holidays?

Yes, this discount applies every day of the season. No discount blackout dates!

How far in advance should I rent my equipment?

You are welcome to walk in any of our stores and rent your equipment upon arrival. However, to ensure a full day on the slopes you may want to use our online reservations system or rent your equipment the night before your first day on the mountain (beginning at 2 pm) for no additional charge.

Do you sell equipment that was used for past years' rentals?

At the end of each season we do sell selected items from our rental fleet. However, no sales are made during the season.

If I rent for 2 or 3 days, can I apply the rental fees toward the purchase of a set of skis?

Individuals who rent our super demo ski package may apply the charge for one day's rental toward the purchase of the skis. This applies to a selection of our super demo skis only.

If individuals in our group want to upgrade their skis, can they change their package type upon arrival?

Yes, depending on availability, any desired changes may be made to packages upon your arrival. However, note that changes to the equipment will result in changes to the price of the rental.

I was looking at the clothing rental prices but didn't see goggle rentals. Do you rent goggles?

No, unfortunately we do not rent goggles. Although they are not available in our rental fleet, we do have a variety of goggles available to purchase.

Will the staff at the stores be able to suggest what will work best based on my specific measurements and ability?

Yes, worry no more. The Powder House's ski tech's. passion for the sport reaches far beyond the walls of our shops and onto the mountain. They will be able to give you suggestions based on their knowledge of, and personal experience with the equipment. We desire to provide you with the most comfortable and exhilarating experience at every ability level!

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